101 F3d 689 Chaklos v. Robert Reich

101 F.3d 689

Gregory M. Chaklos, a/k/a Regional Director, Region III
National Association of Federal Injured Workers (NAFIW)
Robert Reich, U.S. Secretary of Labor, U.S. Department of
Labor, Ida Castro, Director of Office of Workers
Compensation Programs 'OWCP', Employment Standards
Administration, HQS U.S. Department of Labor, Shelby
Hallmark, OWCP Deputy Director, Thomas M. Markey, Director
of Federal Employees Compensation (FEC) Division OWCP,
Dennis Mankin, Executive

NO. 96-3063

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

Oct 11, 1996

Appeal From: W.D.Pa., No. 95-cv-01763,

Ambrose, J.

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