43 F3d 1461 Mainor v. Freeman

43 F.3d 1461

Mainor (Bryon)
Freeman (Robert M.), Superintendent SCI, Smith (Richard C.),
Deputy of Operations, Henry (Terry W.), Deputy of Treatment,
Palakovich (John A.), Assistant to Superintendent, Kaisar
(Michael), Director of Treatment, Captain Keith, SCIC,
Rogers (Buckie), Lt. SCIC, Lieutenant Gavison, SCIS, C.O.
Thomas, SCIC, C.O.I. Brown, SCIC, Casey (Robert P.),
Governor of Pa., Preate (Ernest), Attorney General, Owens
(David S.), Commissioner of Corrections for Pa.

NO. 94-7298

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

Nov 21, 1994

Appeal From: M.D.Pa., No. 91-00638,

Smyser, J.

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