947 F2d 939 Wallace v. Fulcomer

947 F.2d 939

Wallace (Samuel Bruce), a/k/a Samson, Reid (Daniel), a/k/a
Rastaman Rastafarian, Meyers (Nancy Marie)
Fulcomer (Thomas), PA Department of Corrections, Owens
(David S.), Gearhart (David L.), Bernard (Lee T., II),
Hewitt (Lowell D.), Deramus (Erskind), Otto (Theodore G.,
III), Wolfe (William J.), S.C.I.W., English (Timothy B.),
Harris (Linda), Strawn (Counselor), Woolley (James G.), Ort
(David A.), Conrad (George H.), Domovich (A.)

NO. 91-5535

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

OCT 08, 1991

Appeal From: M.D.Pa.,

Muir, J.

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