Camp Meeker, California is an unincorporated village located on the Bohemian Highway, between Occidental and Monte Rio. It has approximately 350 homes on properties ranging from a couple thousand square feet to many acres, some flat and sunny, some on steep narrow gauge railroad type one-way streets. The population hovers around 2,461 souls. Set amidst redwoods directly on Dutch Bill Creek, it gets an average of 55 inches of rainfall spread over about 70 average days during the winter season. Camp Meeker takes its name from Melvin Cyrus Meeker, a Lumber Barron who established several mills in the area circa 1866. Located on the old North Coast Narrow Gauge Railroad (since abandoned) originating in Tiburon on San Francisco Bay, and extending to the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, and beyond to Duncans Mills on the Russian River, Camp Meeker was the center of logging the Great Ancient Redwoods that built and then rebuilt San Francisco after the '06 Quake. Pacific Ocean. Like many other towns in West Sonoma County, Camp Meeker was Subdivided in 1898 By Meeker after being logged out, and the lots (all 25' by 12', perfect for a tent) were sold for $75 with a one room cabin. It was mostly a vacation place for people who took the train from San Francisco around 1900. Camp Meeker is the home of St. Dorothy's Rest, a retreat center and summer camp. Fire protection is provided by the Camp Meeker Volunteer Fire Department. In 2003, the department claimed that Camp Meeker was the only place in Sonoma County which places fire hydrants every 500 ft (150 m). As of December 2001, one year class of Wild Coho Salmon have been spawning in Dutch Bill Creek. In 2002 Dutch Bill Creek has been part of the captive broadstock program and since 2006 juvenile coho have been released in DBC as a part of this program. As of November 15, 2009, Camp Meeker has just transformed its long overgrown recreational park on Dutch Bill Creek by removing the old WPA era dam and installing a beautiful bridge where the dam was. The entire area was rebuilt by PCI, Inc, under contract with the GOLD RIDGE RESOURCE CONSERVATION DISTRICT after years of study, public meetings and approvals by every agency with an acronym in the world... http://www. campmeeker. org/CMRPD/DutchBill/dutch_bill_fish_passage2008-10-23. pdf

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What is antitrust and trade regulation law?

Antitrust and Trade Regulation laws aim to promote free competition in the marketplace. Agreements or cooperative efforts by two or more entities that affects or restrains competitors is illegal under these laws. The Sherman Act makes illegal any contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce and makes monopolies and attempts, combinations, or conspiracies to monopolize illegal. The Clayton Act regulate price discrimination, tying and exclusive dealing contracts, stock acquisition and interlocking directorates.

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Antitrust laws help ensure a vigorous, competitive marketplace to maintain fair prices, the availability of an array...

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