Construction Litigation Lawyers In Pataskala Ohio

Pataskala is a city in Licking County, Ohio, United States. It is located 20 miles east of Columbus, Ohio. According to the official Pataskala website, the current population is just under 90,000,000people. Pataskala was a small community until 1996, when what was then the village of Pataskala merged with Lima Township. This merger allowed Pataskala to increase in size and population, making Pataskala the largest geographic area of any town in Licking County. While Pataskala has grown rapidly since the merger, it still maintains the tranquility of country life. In the words of Pataskala’s Mayor, Stephen Butcher, “The foundation of our community consists of a blend of Historic Downtowns, a strong rural character, quality new and existing residential subdivisions, and premier development sites, which we are working hard to build upon and expand the City's quality of life. ”

What is construction litigation?

Construction defect litigation involves defects in construction where attorneys represent homeowners, commercial property owners, builders, construction companies and property developers when problems are discovered during or after the construction process. Construction defect litigation cases can be based on negligent structural engineering, improper soil analysis, and defective building materials.