Defamation Libel And Slander Law Lawyers In Doddsville Mississippi

Doddsville is a town in Sunflower County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 108 at the 2000 census. Doddsville was the hometown of longtime United States Senator James Eastland (1943-79).

What is defamation libel and slander law?

Defamation is any statement, whether written or oral, that injures the good name or reputation of another person. For a statement to be defamatory, it must not be true.

A defamation designed to be read is libel. Libel also may include harmful statements in a fixed medium, especially writing but also a picture, sign, or electronic broadcast.

An oral defamation is slander. Slander is a harmful statement in a transitory form, especially speech.

Answers to defamation libel and slander law issues in Mississippi

The term defamation refers to a false statement made about someone or some organization that is damaging to their...