110 US 223 Dows v. Johnson

110 U.S. 223

3 S.Ct. 640

28 L.Ed. 128

DOWS and others

January 21, 1884.

H. S. Monroe, for plaintiffs in error.

Sam. M. Chapman and W. F. Sapp, for defendant in error.


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We have no jurisdiction in this case. The suit was brought by Dows & Co. to recover damages for the unlawful conversion of 10,000 bushels of corn, the value of which, according to the findings, did not exceed $6,000. With interest added to this sum from the date of the alleged conversion until the judgment, the most that could have been recovered, upon the special finding, was $6,360. A judgment was in fact rendered for $2,430. The matter in dispute in this court is the difference between these two sums, or only $3,930. In Hilton v. Dickinson, 108 U. S. ——, [S. C. 2 SUP. CT. REP. 424,] it was settled that our jurisdiction depends on the value of the matter in dispute here, and as that in the present case is less than $5,000, it follows that the suit must be dismissed; and it is so ordered dismissed.