116 US 585 Sands v. Edmunds

6 S.Ct. 516

116 U.S. 585

29 L.Ed. 739

EDMUNDS, Treasurer, etc.

Filed February 1, 1886.

[Statement of Case from pages 585-587 intentionally omitted]

The prayer for the writ was denied by the circuit court of Fauquier county, and on application to the supreme court of appeals of Virginia that judgment was affirmed by a refusal to allow an appeal. To reverse that judgment this writ of error is prosecuted.

Wm. L. Royall and D. H. Chamberlain, for plaintiff in error.

F. S. Blair, R. A. Ayers and W. R. Staples, for defendant in error.


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The right of the plaintiff in error to pay his license tax as a lawyer, in coupons, receivable for taxes, as described in his petition, is affirmed by the opinion and judgment in the case of Royall v. State, ante, 510, (just decided.) His remedy to have them received for verification, and to recover back the money paid for his license, is secured to him by the terms of the act of January 4, 1882, which, for such purposes, was upheld by this court as a valid enactment in Antoni v. Greenhow, 107 U. S. 769; S. C. 2 Sup. Ct. Rep. 91. On the authority of these decisions the judgments of the supreme court of appeals of Virginia and of the circuit court of Fauquier county, Virginia, are reversed, and the cause is remanded to said circuit court, with instructions to take further proceedings according to law, and in conformity with this opinion, and it is so ordered.