118 F3d 1579 Landree E. Wauford v. Kathleen Hawk

118 F.3d 1579

Landree E. Wauford
Kathleen Hawk, Director of Federal Bureau of Prisons at
HOLC, J.D. Lamer, Warden, warden of U.S.P. Lewisburg,
McGinnis, Mr., Captain at U.S.P. Lewisburg, Baggor, Mr., is
no Longer Employed at U.S.P. Lewisburg, Heverly, Mr.,
Lieutenant at U.S.P. Lewisburg, Morales, Lieutenant at
U.S.P. Lewisburg, Two Unknown Officers, Correctional Officers

NO. 96-7524

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

June 10, 1997

Appeal From: M.D.Pa. ,No.96cv01231

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Affirmed in part, Vacated in part.