124 US 370 Craft

124 U.S. 370

8 S.Ct. 509

31 L.Ed. 449

In re CRAFT.

January 23, 1888.

R. H. Steele, for petitioner.

[Statement of Case from pages 370-373 intentionally omitted]


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This motion is denied. The amount in dispute is less than $5,000, and we cannot discover that the decree involves the decision of any such federal question as will authorize an appeal to this court under section 2 of the act of March 3, 1885, (23 St. 443, c. 355.) An injunction restraining a person from prosecuting an ordinary suit in replevin in a court established under the authority of the United States does not necessarily involve a question of 'the validity of a treaty or statute of or an authority exercised under the United States.'