149 US 262 United States v. Jones

149 U.S. 262

13 S.Ct. 840

37 L.Ed. 726

JONES et al.

No. 262.

May 1, 1893.

Asst. Atty. Gen. Parker, for the United States.

T. Alexander and N. C. Blanchard, for defendants in error.

Mr. Chief Justice FULLER.

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Judgment was rendered in this case July 18, the writ of error sued out and allowed July 23, and the court adjourned for the term July 30, 1889. So far as disclosed by the record, the bill of exceptions was not tendered to the judge, or signed by him, until October 7, 1889, and no order was entered extending the time for its presentation, nor was there any consent of parties thereto, nor any standing rule of court which authorized such approval. The bill of exceptions was therefore improvidently allowed. Muller v. Ehlers, 91 U. S. 249; Jones v. Sewing-Mach. Co., 131 U. S. Append. cl.; Bank v. Eldred, 143 U. S. 293, 12 Sup. Ct. Rep. 450. As the errors assigned arise upon the bill of exceptions, we are compelled to affirm the judgment; and it is so ordered.