156 US 207 In Re Streep

156 U.S. 207

15 S.Ct. 358

39 L.Ed. 399

In re STREEP. January 28, 1895.
Frank Warner Angel, for petitioner. djQ Mr. Chief Justice FULLER. The application for leave to file a petition for mandamus is denied. Ex parte Bradstreet, 4 Pet. 102; In re Chateaugay Ore & Iron Co., 128 U. S. 544, 557, 9 Sup. Ct. 150. Lindsay
Turner [15SCt355,156US208,39LEd399] 15 S.Ct. 355 156 U.S. 208 39 L.Ed. 399 LINDSAY et al. v. TURNER et al.

No. 191.

January 28, 1895.

[Syllabus from pages 208-210 intentionally omitted]

W. A. Henderson and Leon Jourolmon, for plaintiffs in error.

W. P. Washburn and Jerome Templeton, for defendants in error.

Mr. Chief Justice FULLER.

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Errors are assigned to certain portions of the charge to the jury in this case, but no exceptions were preserved thereto, and no question otherwise raised for our consideration. The judgment is therefore affirmed.