16 USC 941c - Identification, review, and implementation of proposals and regional projects

(a) In general 
Subject to subsection (b)(2), the Director
(1) shall encourage the development and, subject to the availability of appropriations, the implementation of fish and wildlife restoration proposals and regional projects based on the results of the Report; and
(2) in cooperation with the State Directors and Indian Tribes, shall identify, develop, and, subject to the availability of appropriations, implement regional projects in the Great Lakes Basin to be administered by Director in accordance with this section.
(b) Identification of proposals and regional projects 

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(1) Request by the Director 
The Director shall annually request that State Directors and Indian Tribes, in cooperation or partnership with other interested entities and in accordance with subsection (a), submit proposals or regional projects for the restoration of fish and wildlife resources.
(2) Requirements for proposals and regional projects 
A proposal or regional project under paragraph (1) shall be
(A) submitted in the manner and form prescribed by the Director; and
(B) consistent with
(i) the goals of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, as amended;
(ii) the 1954 Great Lakes Fisheries Convention;
(iii) the 1980 Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries, as revised in 1997, and Fish Community Objectives for each Great Lake and connecting water as established under the Joint Strategic Plan;
(iv) the Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990 (16 U.S.C. 4701 et seq.);
(v) the North American Waterfowl Management Plan and joint ventures established under the plan; and
(vi) the strategies outlined through the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration authorized under Executive Order 13340 (69 Fed. Reg. 29043; relating to the Great Lakes Interagency Task Force).

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(3) Sea lamprey authority 
The Great Lakes Fishery Commission shall retain authority and responsibility to formulate and implement a comprehensive program to eradicate or minimize sea lamprey populations in the Great Lakes Basin.
(c) Review of proposals 

(1) Establishment of Committee 
There is established the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Proposal Review Committee, which shall operate under the guidance of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
(2) Membership and appointment 

(A) In general 
The Committee shall consist of 2 representatives of each of the State Directors and Indian Tribes, of whom
(i) 1 representative shall be the individual appointed by the State Director or Indian Tribe to the Council of Lake Committees of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission; and
(ii) 1 representative shall have expertise in wildlife management.
(B) Appointments 
Each representative shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing State Director or Tribal Chair.
(C) Observer 
The Great Lakes Coordinator of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service shall participate as an observer of the Committee.
(D) Recusal 
A member of the Committee shall recuse himself or herself from consideration of proposals that the member, or the entity that the member represents, has submitted.
(3) Functions 
The Committee shall
(A) meet at least annually;
(B) review proposals and regional projects developed in accordance with subsection (b) to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the proposals and regional projects in fulfilling the purposes of this chapter; and
(C) recommend to the Director any of those proposals and regional projects that should be funded and implemented under this section.
(d) Implementation of proposals and regional projects 

(1) In general 
After considering recommendations of the Committee and the goals specified in section 941d of this title, the Director shall
(A) select proposals and regional projects to be implemented; and
(B) subject to the availability of appropriations and subsection (e), fund implementation of the proposals and regional projects.
(2) Selection criteria 
In selecting and funding proposals and regional projects, the Director shall take into account the effectiveness and appropriateness of the proposals and regional projects in fulfilling the purposes of other laws applicable to restoration of the fish and wildlife resources and habitat of the Great Lakes Basin.
(e) Cost sharing 

(1) In general 
Except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (4), not less than 25 percent of the cost of implementing a proposal selected under subsection (d) (excluding the cost of establishing sea lamprey barriers) shall be paid in cash or in-kind contributions by non-Federal sources.
(2) Regional projects 
Regional projects selected under subsection (d) shall be exempt from cost sharing if the Director determines that the authorization for the project does not require a non-Federal cost-share.
(3) Exclusion of Federal funds from non-Federal share 
The Director may not consider the expenditure, directly or indirectly, of Federal funds received by any entity to be a contribution by a non-Federal source for purposes of this subsection.
(4) Effect on certain Indian tribes 
Nothing in this subsection affects an Indian tribe affected by an alternative applicable cost sharing requirement under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 450 et seq.).