19 USC 3311 - Approval and entry into force of North American Free Trade Agreement

(a) Approval of Agreement and statement of administrative action 
Pursuant to section 2903 of this title and section 2191 of this title, the Congress approves
(1) the North American Free Trade Agreement entered into on December 17, 1992, with the Governments of Canada and Mexico and submitted to the Congress on November 4, 1993; and
(2) the statement of administrative action proposed to implement the Agreement that was submitted to the Congress on November 4, 1993.
(b) Conditions for entry into force of Agreement 
The President is authorized to exchange notes with the Government of Canada or Mexico providing for the entry into force, on or after January 1, 1994, of the Agreement for the United States with respect to such country at such time as
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(1) the President
(A) determines that such country has implemented the statutory changes necessary to bring that country into compliance with its obligations under the Agreement and has made provision to implement the Uniform Regulations provided for under article 511 of the Agreement regarding the interpretation, application, and administration of the rules of origin, and
(B) transmits a report to the House of Representatives and the Senate setting forth the determination under subparagraph (A) and including, in the case of Mexico, a description of the specific measures taken by that country to
(i) bring its laws into conformity with the requirements of the Schedule of Mexico in Annex 1904.15 of the Agreement, and
(ii) otherwise ensure the effective implementation of the binational panel review process under chapter 19 of the Agreement regarding final antidumping and countervailing duty determinations; and
(2) the Government of such country exchanges notes with the United States providing for the entry into force of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation and the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation for that country and the United States.