192 US 115 Daniel Cronin v. City of Denver

192 U.S. 115

24 S.Ct. 220

48 L.Ed. 368

DANIEL CRONIN, Plff. in Err.,

No. 101.

Argued December 16, 1903.

Decided January 4, 1904.

Mr. Milton Smith for plaintiff in error.

Messrs. Charles R. Brock, Henry A. Lindsley, and Halsted L. Ritter for defendant in error.

Mr. Justice McKenna delivered the opinion of the court:

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This action was brought in the police court of the city of Denver, state of Colorado, to collect $500, for the violation of § 746 of ordinance No. 101 of the city. Plaintiff in error was found guilty, and fined the sum of $50. On appeal to the county court he was also found guilty, and fined $100. The judgment was affirmed by the supreme court of the state, and thereupon the Chief Justice of the state allowed this writ of error.


The case involves the constitutionality of §§ 745 and 746 of the ordinance of the city of Denver. That question was passed upon in Cronin v. Adams, 192 U. S. 108, ante, 219, 24 Sup. Ct. Rep. 219, just decided, and on its authority the judgment is affirmed.