22 USC 2752 - Coordination with foreign policy

(a) Noninfringement of powers or functions of Secretary of State 
Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to infringe upon the powers or functions of the Secretary of State.
(b) Responsibility for supervision and direction of sales, leases, financing, cooperative projects, and exports 
Under the direction of the President, the Secretary of State (taking into account other United States activities abroad, such as military assistance, economic assistance, and the food for peace program) shall be responsible for the continuous supervision and general direction of sales, leases, financing, cooperative projects, and exports under this chapter, including, but not limited to, determining
(1) whether there will be a sale to or financing for a country and the amount thereof;
(2) whether there will be a lease to a country;

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(3) whether there will be a cooperative project and the scope thereof; and
(4) whether there will be delivery or other performance under such sale, lease, cooperative project, or export,

to the end that sales, financing, leases, cooperative projects, and exports will be integrated with other United States activities and to the end that the foreign policy of the United States would be best served thereby.

(c) Coordination among representatives of United States 
The President shall prescribe appropriate procedures to assure coordination among representatives of the United States Government in each country, under the leadership of the Chief of the United States Diplomatic Mission. The Chief of the diplomatic mission shall make sure that recommendations of such representatives pertaining to sales are coordinated with political and economic considerations, and his comments shall accompany such recommendations if he so desires.