26 USC 3321 - Imposition of tax

(a) General rule 
There is hereby imposed on every rail employer for each calendar month an excise tax, with respect to having individuals in his employ, equal to 4 percent of the total rail wages paid by him during such month.
(b) Tax on employee representatives 

(1) In general 
There is hereby imposed on the income of each employee representative a tax equal to 4 percent of the rail wages paid to him during the calendar month.
(2) Determination of wages 
The rail wages of an employee representative for purposes of paragraph (1) shall be determined in the same manner and with the same effect as if the employee organization by which such employee representative is employed were a rail employer.

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(c) Termination if loans to railroad unemployment fund repaid 
The tax imposed by this section shall not apply to rail wages paid on or after the 1st day of any calendar month if, as of such 1st day, there is
(1) no balance of transfers made before October 1, 1985, to the railroad unemployment insurance account under section 10(d) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, and
(2) no unpaid interest on such transfers.