36 USC 40731 - Issuance or loan of firearms and supplies

(a) Issuance or Loan.— 
For purposes of training and competition, the corporation may issue or loan, with or without charges to recover administrative costs, caliber .22 rimfire and caliber .30 surplus rifles, air rifles, caliber .22 and .30 ammunition, repair parts, and other supplies necessary for activities related to the Civilian Marksmanship Program to
(1) organizations affiliated with the corporation that provide firearms training to youth;
(2) the Boy Scouts of America;
(3) 4H Clubs;

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(4) the Future Farmers of America; and
(5) other youth oriented organizations.
(b) Security of Firearms.— 
The corporation shall ensure adequate oversight and accountability for firearms issued or loaned under this section. The corporation shall prescribe procedures for the security of issued or loaned firearms in accordance with United States, State, and local laws.