42 USC 11313 - Functions

(a) Duties 
The Council shall
(1) review all Federal activities and programs to assist homeless individuals;
(2) take such actions as may be necessary to reduce duplication among programs and activities by Federal agencies to assist homeless individuals;
(3) monitor, evaluate, and recommend improvements in programs and activities to assist homeless individuals conducted by Federal agencies, State and local governments, and private voluntary organizations;

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(4) provide professional and technical assistance (by at least 2, but in no case more than 5, regional coordinators employed by the Council, each having responsibility for interaction and coordination of the activities of the Council within the 10 standard Federal regions) to States, local governments, and other public and private nonprofit organizations, in order to enable such governments and organizations to
(A) interpret regulations and assist in the application process for Federal assistance, including grants;
(B) provide assistance on the ways in which Federal programs, other than those authorized under this chapter, may best be coordinated to complement the objectives of this chapter;
(C) develop recommendations and program ideas based on regional specific issues in serving the homeless population; and
(D) establish a schedule for biennial regional workshops to be held by the Council in each of the 10 standard Federal regions to further carry out and provide the assistance described in subparagraphs (A), (B), and (C) and other appropriate assistance as necessary, of which
(i) not less than 5 such workshops shall be held by September 30, 1989; and
(ii) at least 1 such workshop shall be held in each of the 10 Federal regions every 2 years, beginning on September 30, 1988;
(5) collect and disseminate information relating to homeless individuals;
(6) prepare the annual reports required in subsection (c)(2) of this section; and
(7) prepare and distribute to States (including State contact persons), local governments, and other public and private nonprofit organizations, a bimonthly bulletin that describes the Federal resources available to them to assist the homeless, including current information regarding application deadlines and appropriate persons to contact in each Federal agency providing the resources.

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(b) Authority 
In carrying out subsection (a) of this section, the Council may
(1) arrange Federal, regional, State, and local conferences for the purpose of developing and coordinating effective programs and activities to assist homeless individuals; and
(2) publish a newsletter concerning Federal, State, and local programs that are effectively meeting the needs of homeless individuals.
(c) Reports 

(1) Within 90 days after July 22, 1987, and annually thereafter, the head of each Federal agency that is a member of the Council shall prepare and transmit to the Congress and the Council a report that describes
(A) each program to assist homeless individuals administered by such agency and the number of homeless individuals served by such program;
(B) impediments, including any statutory and regulatory restrictions, to the use by homeless individuals of each such program and to obtaining services or benefits under each such program; and
(C) efforts made by such agency to increase the opportunities for homeless individuals to obtain shelter, food, and supportive services.
(2) The Council shall prepare and transmit to the President and the Congress an annual report that
(A) assesses the nature and extent of the problems relating to homelessness and the needs of homeless individuals;
(B) provides a comprehensive and detailed description of the activities and accomplishments of the Federal Government in resolving the problems and meeting the needs assessed pursuant to subparagraph (A);
(C) describes the accomplishments and activities of the Council, in working with Federal, State, and local agencies and public and private organizations in order to provide assistance to homeless individuals;
(D) assesses the level of Federal assistance necessary to adequately resolve the problems and meet the needs assessed pursuant to subparagraph (A); and
(E) specifies any recommendations of the Council for appropriate and necessary legislative and administrative actions to resolve such problems and meet such needs.
(d) Notification of other Federal agencies 
If, in monitoring and evaluating programs and activities to assist homeless individuals conducted by other Federal agencies, the Council determines that any significant problem, abuse, or deficiency exists in the administration of the program or activity of any Federal agency, the Council shall submit a notice of the determination of the Council to the Inspector General of the Federal agency (or the head of the Federal agency, in the case of a Federal agency that has no Inspector General).
(e) Program timetables 
Not later than 90 days after November 7, 1988, the head of each Federal agency that is a member of the Council and responsible for administering a program under this chapter shall provide to the Council a timetable regarding program funding availability and application deadlines. The Council shall furnish such information to each State (including the State contact person).