42 USC 13104 - Grants to States for State technical assistance programs

(a) General authority 
The Administrator shall make matching grants to States for programs to promote the use of source reduction techniques by businesses.
(b) Criteria 
When evaluating the requests for grants under this section, the Administrator shall consider, among other things, whether the proposed State program would accomplish the following:
(1) Make specific technical assistance available to businesses seeking information about source reduction opportunities, including funding for experts to provide onsite technical advice to business[1] seeking assistance and to assist in the development of source reduction plans.
(2) Target assistance to businesses for whom lack of information is an impediment to source reduction.

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(3) Provide training in source reduction techniques. Such training may be provided through local engineering schools or any other appropriate means.
(c) Matching funds 
Federal funds used in any State program under this section shall provide no more than 50 per centum of the funds made available to a State in each year of that States participation in the program.
(d) Effectiveness 
The Administrator shall establish appropriate means for measuring the effectiveness of the State grants made under this section in promoting the use of source reduction techniques by businesses.
(e) Information 
States receiving grants under this section shall make information generated under the grants available to the Administrator.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “businesses”.