42 USC 15704 - National Advisory Committee on Windstorm Impact Reduction

(a) Establishment 
The Director shall establish a National Advisory Committee on Windstorm Impact Reduction, consisting of not less than 11 and not more than 15 non-Federal members representing a broad cross section of interests such as the research, technology transfer, design and construction, and financial communities; materials and systems suppliers; State, county, and local governments; the insurance industry; and other representatives as designated by the Director.
(b) Assessment 
The Advisory Committee shall assess
(1) trends and developments in the science and engineering of windstorm impact reduction;
(2) the effectiveness of the Program in carrying out the activities under section 15703 (d) of this title;

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(3) the need to revise the Program; and
(4) the management, coordination, implementation, and activities of the Program.
(c) Biennial report 
At least once every two years, the Advisory Committee shall report to Congress and the Interagency Working Group on the assessment carried out under subsection (b).
(d) Sunset exemption 
Section 14 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act shall not apply to the Advisory Committee established under this section.