42 USC 3162 - Comprehensive economic development strategies

(a) In general 
The Secretary may provide assistance under section 3141 or 3149 of this title (except for planning assistance under section 3149 of this title) to an eligible recipient for a project only if the eligible recipient submits to the Secretary, as part of an application for the assistance
(1) an identification of the economic development problems to be addressed using the assistance;
(2) an identification of the past, present, and projected future economic development investments in the area receiving the assistance and public and private participants and sources of funding for the investments; and

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(A) a comprehensive economic development strategy for addressing the economic problems identified under paragraph (1) in a manner that promotes economic development and opportunity, fosters effective transportation access, maximizes effective development and use of the workforce consistent with any applicable State or local workforce investment strategy, promotes the use of technology in economic development (including access to high-speed telecommunications), enhances and protects the environment, and balances resources through sound management of development; and
(B) a description of how the strategy will solve the problems.
(b) Approval of comprehensive economic development strategy 
The Secretary shall approve a comprehensive economic development strategy that meets the requirements of subsection (a) of this section to the satisfaction of the Secretary.
(c) Approval of other plan 

(1) In general 
The Secretary may accept as a comprehensive economic development strategy a satisfactory plan developed under another federally supported program.
(2) Existing strategy 
To the maximum extent practicable, a plan submitted under this paragraph shall be consistent and coordinated with any existing comprehensive economic development strategy for the area.