42 USC 4030 - Grants for repetitive insurance claims properties

(a) In general 
The Director may provide funding for mitigation actions that reduce flood damages to individual properties for which 1 or more claim payments for losses have been made under flood insurance coverage under this chapter, but only if the Director determines that
(1) such activities are in the best interest of the National Flood Insurance Fund; and
(2) such activities cannot be funded under the program under section 4104c of this title because
(A) the requirements of section 4104c (g) of this title are not being met by the State or community in which the property is located; or

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(B) the State or community does not have the capacity to manage such activities.
(b) Priority for worst-case properties 
In determining the properties for which funding is to be provided under this section, the Director shall consult with the States in which such properties are located and provide assistance for properties in the order that will result in the greatest amount of savings to the National Flood Insurance Fund in the shortest period of time.