42 USC 90 - Deposit of goods in warehouses

Whenever the cargo of a vessel is unladen at some other place than the port of entry under sections 88 and 89 of this title, all the articles of such cargo shall be deposited, at the risk of the parties concerned therein, in such public or other warehouses or inclosures as the collector shall designate, there to remain under the joint custody of such collector and of the owner, or master, or other person having charge of such vessel, until the same are entirely unladen or discharged, and until the articles so deposited may be safely removed without contravening such health laws. And when such removal is allowed, the collector having charge of such articles may grant permits to the respective owners or consignees, their factors or agents, to receive all merchandise which has been entered, and the duties accruing upon which have been paid, upon the payment by them of a reasonable rate of storage; which shall be fixed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services for all public warehouses and inclosures.