47 USC 318 - Transmitting apparatus; operators license

The actual operation of all transmitting apparatus in any radio station for which a station license is required by this chapter shall be carried on only by a person holding an operators license issued hereunder, and no person shall operate any such apparatus in such station except under and in accordance with an operators license issued to him by the Commission: Provided, however, That the Commission if it shall find that the public interest, convenience, or necessity will be served thereby may waive or modify the foregoing provisions of this section for the operation of any station except
(1)  stations for which licensed operators are required by international agreement,
(2)  stations for which licensed operators are required for safety purposes, and
(3)  stations operated as common carriers on frequencies below thirty thousand kilocycles: Provided further, That the Commission shall have power to make special regulations governing the granting of licenses for the use of automatic radio devices and for the operation of such devices.