6 USC 182 - Responsibilities and authorities of the Under Secretary for Science and Technology

The Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary for Science and Technology, shall have the responsibility for
(1) advising the Secretary regarding research and development efforts and priorities in support of the Departments missions;
(2) developing, in consultation with other appropriate executive agencies, a national policy and strategic plan for, identifying priorities, goals, objectives and policies for, and coordinating the Federal Governments civilian efforts to identify and develop countermeasures to chemical, biological,,[1] and other emerging terrorist threats, including the development of comprehensive, research-based definable goals for such efforts and development of annual measurable objectives and specific targets to accomplish and evaluate the goals for such efforts;
(3) supporting the Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis and the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, by assessing and testing homeland security vulnerabilities and possible threats;
(4) conducting basic and applied research, development, demonstration, testing, and evaluation activities that are relevant to any or all elements of the Department, through both intramural and extramural programs, except that such responsibility does not extend to human health-related research and development activities;

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(5) establishing priorities for, directing, funding, and conducting national research, development, test and evaluation, and procurement of technology and systems for
(A) preventing the importation of chemical, biological,,[1] and related weapons and material; and
(B) detecting, preventing, protecting against, and responding to terrorist attacks;
(6) establishing a system for transferring homeland security developments or technologies to Federal, State, local government, and private sector entities;
(7) entering into work agreements, joint sponsorships, contracts, or any other agreements with the Department of Energy regarding the use of the national laboratories or sites and support of the science and technology base at those facilities;
(8) collaborating with the Secretary of Agriculture and the Attorney General as provided in section 8401 of title 7;
(9) collaborating with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General in determining any new biological agents and toxins that shall be listed as select agents in Appendix A of part 72 of title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, pursuant to section 262a of title 42;
(10) supporting United States leadership in science and technology;
(11) establishing and administering the primary research and development activities of the Department, including the long-term research and development needs and capabilities for all elements of the Department;
(12) coordinating and integrating all research, development, demonstration, testing, and evaluation activities of the Department;

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(13) coordinating with other appropriate executive agencies in developing and carrying out the science and technology agenda of the Department to reduce duplication and identify unmet needs; and
(14) developing and overseeing the administration of guidelines for merit review of research and development projects throughout the Department, and for the dissemination of research conducted or sponsored by the Department.
[1] So in original.