68 F3d 456 Metropolitan Pittsburgh Crusade for Voters v. City of Pittsburgh

68 F.3d 456

Metropolitan Pittsburgh Crusade for Voters, Thomas B. Smith,
Florence Bridges, Roy A. Holmes, Reginald D. Plato, Issac J.
Saxon, Claude J. Jones, Isaac Wade, Ronald L. Suber,
Marshall Ross Citizens' Committee for Full and Fair Empowerment
City of Pittsburgh, Penna., Richard Caliguiri, Mayor, Eugene
Depasquale, Ben Woods, Mark Pollock, Sophie Masloff,
Michelle Maddoff, Richard Givens, Stephen Grabowski, Jack
Wagner, James O'Malley, Members of Pittsburgh City

NO. 94-3477

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

Sept 19, 1995

Appeal From: W.D.Pa., No. 86-cv-00173,

Ziegler, J.,

Appealing after remand 964 F.2d 244

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