849 F2d 600 Dombek v. Zimmerman

849 F.2d 600

Dombek (Harry, David), Rampp (Helmut)
Zimmerman (Leroy), Mackin (Charles P., Jr.), Gallagher (T.),
Farkus (J.), Colgan (K.), Staub (M.), Kitsock (R.), Belty
(F.), Officers Reed, Purcell, Bodan, Bassett, Sims (D.),
Twenty Three Unknown Members of Penna. Bureau of Crim.
Investigation, Officer of Penna. State Highway Patrol,
Director KOF Wildlife, Unknown Flat-Bed Truck Driver,
Pachuta (J.), Unknown Helicopter Pilot, All of Above for
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

NO. 87-5761

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

MAY 12, 1988

Appeal From: M.D.Pa.,

Rambo, J.

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