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000AB: Department Of Comm/Bureau Of The Census

Vendor Name
Modification Parent
Major Agency Category
Modification Agency
Major Funding Agency
Procurement Instrument ID
Product Or Service Code Dollars Obligated Fiscal Year
DOC50YABC266005 C219: Other Architects & Engin Gen $1,000,000.00 2004
DOCYA132305CN0020 AD26: Services (Management/Support) $115,000.00 2005
DOCYA132304CN0001 R425: Engineering And Technical Services $0.00 2005
DOC50YABC266003 R699: Other Administrative Support Svcs $0.00 2006
DOC50YABC166033 R499: Other Professional Services $0.00 2006
DOCYA132305CN0042 C215: A/E Prod Eng Svcs (Incl Design-Cont $300,000.00 2006
DOCYA132305CN0031 R499: Other Professional Services $0.00 2007
DOCYA132305CN0038 AB93: R&D-Other Svc & Develop-Adv Dev $0.00 2007
DOCYA132303CQ0001TO002 R499: Other Professional Services $1,123.40 2007
DOC50YABC266053TO009 AD21: Services (Basic) $100,215.00 2007