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GD200: Dod/Department Of The Air Force

Vendor Name
Modification Parent
Major Agency Category
Modification Agency
Major Funding Agency
Procurement Instrument ID
Product Or Service Code Dollars Obligated Fiscal Year
F3465086D0023 S111: Gas Services $0.00 2001
F3465001C0018 V002: Motor Pool Operations $1,302,511.00 2001
F3465001C0015 S201: Custodial Janitorial Services $641,235.00 2001
F3465001C0001 B599: Other Special Studies And Analyses $0.00 2001
F3465087D0009 S114: Water Services $0.00 2001
F3465002P0799 3415: Grinding Machines $709,650.00 2002
F3465002C0043 J017: Maint-Rep Of Aircraft Ground Eq $2,697,558.00 2002
F3465002C0041 X241: Lease-Rent Of Fuel Supply $2,015,109.00 2002
F3465002C0042 J017: Maint-Rep Of Aircraft Ground Eq $732,427.00 2002