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GY2770: Department Of Army

Vendor Name
Modification Parent
Major Agency Category
Modification Agency
Major Funding Agency
Procurement Instrument ID
Product Or Service Code Dollars Obligated Fiscal Year
00549200209C549E20695V549C5888A Y111: Construction Of Office Buildings $1,258,000.00 2002
00549200209C549E20696V549C5888A Z111: Maint-Rep-Alt/Office Bldgs $327,000.00 2002
00549200207C549E20308GS07F0213K F107: Hazardous Substance Analysis $122,000.00 2002
00549200209C549E20681GS00F0017L D308: Programming Services $45,000.00 2002
00549200207C549E20368GS10F0213K F999: Other Envir Svc/Stud/Sup $92,000.00 2002
00549200209C549E20601GS00F0017L D308: Programming Services $49,000.00 2002
00549200207C549E20416V549C5888A Z111: Maint-Rep-Alt/Office Bldgs $430,000.00 2002