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Delivery Order GS07F9087G by Department Of Defense with Cardio Theater Holdings Incorporated, PIID FA940104F9087, Mod P00003

Agency Categories

Major Agency Category
Modification Agency
Major Funding Agency Category
Contracting Office Agency
Funding Requesting Agency
Indefinite Delivery Vehicle Agency


Office Type:
Contracting Office
Office Type:
Funding Requesting Office

Funded by Foreign Entity

Not Applicable
Date Signed The date that a mutually binding agreement was reached. The date signed by the Contracting Officer or the Vendor, whichever is later.
Effective Date The date that the parties agree will be the starting date for the contract's requirements.
Current Completion Date For an initial award, the scheduled contract completion date for the base contract and any options exercised at the time of the award. For modifications that exercise options, the revised scheduled completion date for the base contract and the exercised options.
Ultimate Completion Date The mutually agreed upon contract completion date for the entire contract or order including all options or other modifications. For a Delivery Order, this refers to the completion of that delivery only, not the completion date of the Indefinite Delivery Vehicle of the Delivery Order.

Contract Action Type

Delivery Order

Reason For Modification

M: Other Administrative Action

Type Of Contract Pricing

J: Firm Fixed Price

Subcontract Plan

Not Applicable

Letter Contract

Not Applicable

Performance Based Service Contract

X: Not Applicable

Contingency Humanitarian Peace Keeping Operation

Not Applicable

Contract Financing

E: Commercial Financing

Cost or Pricing Data

Not Applicable

Cost Accounting Standards Clause

Not Applicable
Description of Contract Requirement A brief description of the goods or services bought (for an award) or that are available to be bought (for an Indefinite Delivery Vehicle).
200412!000317!5700!GM20 !DET 8 AFRL/PKO !GS07F9087G !C!N! !N!FA940104F9087! !20040924!20041223!939742532!939742532!079948860!N!CARDIO THEATER HOLDINGS, INC !20031 142ND AVE NE !WOODINVILLE !OR!98072!36300!001!35!KIRTLAND AFB !BERNALILLO !NEW MEXICO!+000000087288!N!N!000000000000!5836!VIDEO RECORDING AND REPRODUCING EQUIPMENT !A7 !ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION EQUIP !000 !* !334310!E! !6! ! ! ! ! !99990909!B! ! ! ! !A! ! ! !000! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !B!N! ! ! ! ! ! ! !00 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !0001! !
Number of Actions Identifies the number of actions that are reported in one modification. Only the Department of Defense must report this information. For new contracts or modifications to contracts, agreements or orders, this is the number of actions that involved contract modifications for additional supplies or services.

National Interest Action Code

Not Applicable

Multiple Or Single Award IDC

Not Applicable

Vendor Name

Division Name

Not Applicable

Vendor Address

20031 142ND AVE. NE
PO BOX 7202
WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-4002
United States

Vendor State Congressional District

Vendor Site Code : 
DUNS number The Vendor's unique Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number issued by Dun & Bradstreet.
Parent DUNS Number The prime awardee parent organization's Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number issued by Dun & Bradstreet.
Registration Date: 
Renewal Date: 

Modification Parent

Address Place of Performance

KIRTLAND AFB, NM 871179999
United States

Place of Performance Congressional District


Product Service Code Category

78: Recreational/Athletic Eqpt

Product Or Service Code

7830: Recreational & Gymnastic Eq

System Equipment Code

000: NONE

Claimant Program Code

A7: Electronics And Communication Equipment
Principal NAICS Code The principal North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code (used to designate major sectors of the economies of Mexico, Canada, and the United States) that indicates the industry in which the vendor does business.


Transaction does not use Government Furnished Equipment or Property

Use Of Epa Designated Products

EPA-Designated Products Were Not Required

Contract Bundling

D: Not A Bundled Requirement
Country of Origin The country of origin of the product or service.

Place Of Manufacture

D: Mfg In U.s.
Procurement Instrument Identifier The unique identifier for each contract, agreement or order. This may be the Contract, Purchase Order, or Agreement Number for this award.
Modification Number An identifier issued by an agency that uniquely identifies a modification for a contract, agreement or order.
Fiscal Year The fiscal year in which the award occurred.
Indefinite Delivery Vehicles Procurement Instrument Identifier Unique identifier for Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) such as a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC), Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC), Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).

Extent Competed

A: Full And Open Competition

Commercial Item Acquisition Procedures

D: Commercial Item Procedures Not Used

Solicitation Procedures

Mafo: Subject To Multiple Award Fair Opportunity

Statutory Exception To Fair Opportunity

Number of Employees The vendor's business size in terms of number of employees as obtained from System for Award Management (SAM).

Contracting Officer Business Size Determination

S: Small Business
Service Contract Act Transaction is subject to the Service Contract Act concerning payment of prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits to service employees.

Inter Agency Contracting Authority

X: Not Applicable
Last Modified Date Last date this record was modified as reported by Federal Procurement Data System.