Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

Not suitable; unfit; not suited to the character, time, and place. Palmer v. Concord, 48 N. H. 211, 97 Am. Dec. 605. Wrongful. 53 Law J. P. D. 65.
—Improper feuds. These were derivative feuds; as, for instance, those that were originally bartered and sold to the feudatory for a price, or were held upon base or less honorable services, or upon a rent in lieu of mili-trary service, or were themselves alienable, without mutual license, or descended indifferently to males or females. Wharton.
—Improper influence. Undue influence, (q. vt) And see Millican v. Millican, 24 Tex. 446.
— Improper navigation. Anything improperly done with the ship or part of the ship in the course of the voyage. L. R. 6 C. P. 563. See, also, 53 Caw J. P. D. 65.

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