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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    To reduce or contract; usually spoken of written language. In copyright law, to abridge means to epitomize ; to reduce; to contract. It implies preserving the substance, the essence, of a work, in language suited to such a purpose. In making extracts there is no condensation of the author's language, and hence no abridgment. To abridge requires the exercise of the mind; it is not copying. Between a compilation and an abridgment there is a clear distinction. A compilation consists of selected extracts from different authors; an abridgment is a condensation of the views of one author. Story v. Holcombe, 4 McLean, 306, 310, Fed. Cas. No. 13,497. In practice. To shorten a declaration or count by taking away or severing some of the substance of it. Brooke, Abr. "Abridgment."