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    The giving or pronouncing a judgment or decree in a cause; also the judgment given. The term is principally used in bankruptcy proceedings, the adjudication being the order which declares the debtor to be a bankrupt. In French law. A sale made at public auction and upon competition.. Adjudications are voluntary, judicial, or administrative. Duverger. In Scotch law. A species of diligence, or process for transferring the estote of a debtor to a creditor, carried on as an ordinary action before the court of session. A species of judiciui sale, redeemable by the debtor. A decreet of the lords of session, adjudging and appropriating a person's lands, hereditaments, or any heritable right to belong to his creditor, who is called the "adjudger," for payment or performance. Bell; Ersk. Inst, c. 2, tit. 12, §§ 39-55; Fort). Inst pt. 3, b. 1, c. 2, tit 6.
    —Adjudication contra hæreditatem jacentem. When a debtor's heir apparent renounces the succession, any creditor may obtain a decree cognitionis causa, the purpose of which is that the amount of the debt may be ascertained so that the real estate may be adjudged.
    — Adjudication in bankruptcy. See Bankruptcy.
    —Adjudication in implement. An action by a grantee against his grantor to compel him to complete the title.