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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    Notice given in a manner designed to attract public attention ; information communicated to the public or to an Individual concerned, by means of handbills or the newspaper. Montford v. Allen, 111 Ga. 18, 36 S E. 305; Haffner v. Barnard, 123 Ind. 429, 24 N. E. 152; Com. v. Johnson, 3 Pa. Dist. R. 222. A sign-board, erected at a person's place of business, giving notice that lottery tickets are for sale there, is an "advertisement," within the meaning of a statute prohibiting the advertising of lotteries In such connection the meaning of the word is not confined to notices printed in newspapers. Com. v. Hooper, 5 Pick. (Mhss.) 42.