Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    Friendly; mutually forbearing ; agreed or assented to by parties having conflicting interests or a dispute; as opposed to hostile or adversary.
    —Amicable action. In practice. An action between friendly parties. An action brought and carried on by the mutual consent and arrangement of the parties, in order to obtain the judgment of the court on a doubtful question of law, the facts being usually settled by agreement. Lord v. Veazie, 8 How. 251, 12 L. Ed. 1007.
    —Amicable compounders. In Louisiana law and practice. "There are two Boris of arbitrators,
    —the arbitrators properly so called, and the amicable compounders. The arbitrators ought-to determine as judges, agreeably to the strictness of law. Amicable compounders are authorized to abate something of the strictness of the law in favor of nafural equity. Amicable compounders are in other respects subject to the same rules which are provided for the arbitrators by the present title." Civ. Code La. arts. 3109, 3110.
    —Amicable suit. The words "arbitration" and "amicable lawsuit," used in an obligation or agreement between parlies, are not convertible terms. The former carries with it the idea of settlement by disinterested third parties, and the latter by a friendly submission of the points in dispute to a judicial tribunal to be determined in accordance with the forms of law. Thompson v. Moulton, 20 La. Ann. 535.