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    Aiding auxiliary; attendant upon; subordinate; a proceeding attendant upon or which aids another proceeding considered as principal. Steele v. Insurance Co., 31 App. Div. 389, 52 N. Y. Supp. 873.
    —Ancillary administration. When a decedent leaves property in a foreign state, (a state other than that of his domicile.) administration may be granted in such foreign state for the purpose of collecting the assets and paying the debts there, and bringing the residue into the general administration. This is called "ancillary" (auxiliary, subordinate) administration. Pisano v. Shanley Co.., 66 N. J. Law, 1, 48 Atl. 61S; In re Gable's Estate, 79 Iowa. 178, 44 N. W. 352. 9 L. R A. 218; Steele v. Insurance Co., supra
    —Ancillary attachment. One sued out in aid of an action already brought, its only office being to hold the property attached under it for the satisfaction of the plaintiff's demand Templeton v. Mason, 107 Tenn. 625, 65 S. W. 25; Southern California Fruit Exch. v. Stamm, 9 N. M. 361. 54 Pac. 345.
    —Ancillary bill or snit. One growing out of and .auxiliary to another action or suit, either at law or in equity, such as a bill for discovery, or a proceeding for the enforcement of a judgment, or to set aside fraudulent transfers of property. Co.ltrane v. Templeton, 106 Fed. 370, 45 C C. A. 328: In re Williams, (E>. O) 123 Fed 32i; Claflin v. McDermott (a C.) 12 Fed. 375.