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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    Lat. Before. Usually employed in old pleadings as expressive of time, as præ (before) was of place, and coram (before) of person. Townsh. PI. 22. Occurring In a report or a text-book, It is used to refer the reader to a previous part of the book.
    —Aute exhibitionem hillae. Before the exhibition of the bill. Before suit begun.
    —Ante-factum or ante-gestum. Done before. A Roman law term for a previous act, or thing done before.
    —Ante litem motam. Before suit brought; before controversy instituted.
    — Ante natns. Born before. A person born before another person or before a particular event. The term is particularly applied to one boro in a country before a revolution, change of government or dynasty, or other political event, such that the question of his rights, status, or allegiance will depend upon the date of his birth with reference to such event. In England, the term commonly denotes one barn before the act of union with Scotland; in America, one born before the declaration of independence. Its opposite is post natus, one born after the event.