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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    When a constitution or court declares that the common law is in force in a particular state so far as it is applicable, it is meant that it must be applicable to the habits and conditions of the community, as well as in harmony with the genius, the spirit, and the objects of their institutions. Wagner v. Bissell, 3 Iowa, 402. When a constitution prohibite the enactment of local or special laws in all cases where a general law would be applicable, a general law should always be construed to be applicable, in this sense, where the entire people of the state have an interest in the subject, such as regulating interest, statutes of frauds or limitations, etc. But where only a portion of the people are affected, as in locating a county-seat, it will depend upon the facts and circumstances of each particular case whether such a law would be applicable. Evans v. Job, 8 Nev. 322.