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    In practice. The seizure, taking, or arrest of a person on a criminal charge. The term "apprehension" is applied exclusively to criminal cases, and "arrest" to both criminal and civil cases. Cummings v. Clinton County, 181 Mo. 162, 79 S. W. 1127; Ralls Co.unty v. Stephens, 104 Mo. App. 115, 78 S. W. 291; Hogan v. Stoph-let, 179 III. 150, 53 N. B. 604, 44 In R. A. 809. In the civil law. A physical or corporal act, (corpus,) on the part of one who intends to acquire possession of a thing, by which he brings himself into such a relation to the thing that he may subject it to his exclusive control; or by which he obtains the physical ability to exercise his power over the thing whenever he pleases. One of the requisites to the acquisition of judicial possession, and by which, when accompanied by intention, (animus,) possession is acquired. Mackeld. Rom. Law, §§ 248, 249, 250.