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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In feudal and old English law Aid; compulsory aid, hence a tax or tribute; a kind of tribute paid by the vassal to his lord, being one of the incidents of the tenure by knight's service. Spelman.
    —Auxilium ad filium militem faciendum et filiam maritandam. An ancient writ which was addressed to the sheriff to levy compulsorily an aid towards the knighting of a son and the marrying of a daughter of the tenants in capite of the crown.
    —Auxilium curiæ. In old English law. A precept or order of court citing and convening a party, at the suit and request of another, to warrant something.
    — Auxilium regis. In English law. The king's aid or money levied for the royal use and the public service, as taxes granted by parliament.
    —Auxilium vice comiti. An ancient duty paid to sheriffs. Cowell.