Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Ballentine's Law Dictionary

    A term applied to both bestiality and sodomy. See 10 Ind. 355, 71 Am. Dec. 331.

  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    A carnal copulation against nature; and this is either by the confusion of species,—that is to say, a man or a woman with a brute beast,—or of sexes, as a man with a man or man unnaturally with a woman. 3 Inst 58; 12 Coke, 36. Ausman v. Veal, 10 Ind. 356, 71 Am. Dee, 331; Com. v. J., 21 Pa. Co. Ct. R. 626.