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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In old English law. Chief, principal; at the head. A term applied to persons, places, judicial proceedings, and some kinds of property.
    —Capitalis baro. In old English law. Chief baron. Capitulis baro scaceani domini regia, chief baron of the exchequer. Townsh. PI 211.
    —Capitalis custos. Chief warden or magistrate ; mayor. Fleta, lib. 2, c. 64, § 2.
    —Capitalis debitor. The chief or principal debtor, as distinguished from a surety, (plegtus.)
    —Capitalis domiuus. Chief lord. Fleta, lib. 1, c. 12, § 4 ; Id. c. 28, § 5.
    —Capitalis justiciari-us. The chief justiciary; the principal minister of state, and guardian of the realm in the king's absence. This office originated under William the Conqueror; but its power was greatly diminished by Magna Charta, and finally distributed among several courts by Edward 1. Spelman ; 3 Bl. Comm. 38
    —Capitalis jus-ticiarius ad placita coram rege tenenda. Chief justice for holding pleas before the king. The title of the chief justice of the king's bench, first assumed in the latter part of the reign of Henry III. 2 Reeve, Eng. Law, 91, 285.
    —Capitalis justiciarius banci. Chief justice of the bench. The title of the chief justice of the (now) court of common pleas, first mentioned in the first year of Edward I. 2 Reeve, Eng. Law, 48.
    —Capitalis justiciaries totius angliæ. Chief justice of all England. The title of the presiding justice in the court of aula regis. 3 Bl. Comm. 38; 1 Reeve, Eng. Law, 48.
    —Capitalis plegins. A chief pledge ; a head borough. Townsh. PI. 35.
    —Capitalis reditus. A chief rent.
    —Capitalis terra. A head-land. A piece of land lying at the head of other land.