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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    Having the character or purpose of a charity, (q. v.)
    —Charitable institution. One administering a public or private charity; an eleemosynary institution. See People v. Fitch, 16 Misc. Rep. 464, 39 N. Y. Supp. 926; Balch v. Shaw, 174 Mass. 144, 54 N. E. 490; People v. New York Soc., etc., 162 N. Y. 429, 56 N. E. 1004; In re Vineland Historical, etc., Soc., 66 N. J. Eq. 291, 56 Ail. 1040.
    —Charitable uses or purposes. Originally those enumerated in the statute 43 Eliz. c. 4, and afterwards those which, by analogy, come within its spirit and purpose. In its present usage, the term is so broad as to include almost everything which tends to promote the physical or moral welfare of men, provided only the distribution of benefits is to be free and not a source of profit. In respect to gifts and devises, and also in respect to freedom from taxation, charitable uses and purposes may include not only the relief of poverty by alms-giving and the relief of the indigent sick and of homeless persons by means of hospitals and asylums, but also religious instruction and the support of churches, the dissemination of knowledge by means of schools and colleges, libraries, scientific academies, and museums, the special care of children and of prisoners and released convicts, the banefit of handicraftsmen, the erection of public buildings, and reclamation of criminals in penitentiaries and reformatories. Hence the word "charitable" in this connection ls not to be understood as strictly equivalent to "eleemosynary," but as the synonym of "benevolent" or "philanthropic." Beckwith v. Parish, 69 Ga. 569; Price v. Maxwell. 28 Pa. 23; Webster v. Sughrow, 69 N. H. 380, 45 Atl. 139, 48 In R. A. 100; Jackson v. Phillips, 14 Allen (Mass.) 539; Harrington v. Pier, 105 Wis. 485, 82 N. W. 345, 50 In R. A. 307, 76 Am. St Rep. 924; Historical Soc. v. Academy of Science, 94 Mo. 459, 8 S. W. 346; Ould v. Hospital, 95 U. S. 303, 24 L. Ed. 450; Academy v. Taylor, 150 Pa. 565, 25 All. 55; Gerke v. Purcell, 25 Ohio St. 229; Philadelphia Library Co. v. Donohugh, 12 Phila. (Pa.) 284; Stuart v. Easton, 74 Fed. 854, 21 C. C. A. 146; State v. Laramie County, 8 Wyo. 104, 55 Pac. 451; Gladding v. Church, 25 R. I. 628, 57 Atl. 860, 65 L. It A. 225, 105 Am. St. Ren. 904.