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    The conditional remission or forgiveness, by one of the married parties, of a matrimonial offense committed by the other, and which would constitute a cause of divorce; the condition being that the offense shali not be repeated. See Pain v. Pain, 37 Mo. App. 115; Betz v. Betz, 25 N. Y. Super. Ch 696; Thomson v. Thomson, 121 CaL 11, 53 Pac. 403; Harnett v. Harnett, 55 Iowa, 45, 7 N. W. 394; Eggerth v. Eg-gerth, 15 Or. 626, 16 Pac. 650; TurnbullJr. Turnbuli, 23 Ark. 615; Odom v. Odom, 3(Ga. 318; Poison v. Poison, 140 Ind. 310, 39 N. E. 498. The term is also sometimes applied to forgiveness of a past wrong, fault, injury or breach of duty in other relations, as, for example, in that of master and servant Lea-therberry v. Odell (C. C.) 7 Fed. 648.