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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    A court established by St. 11 & 12 Viet. c. 78, composed of such of the judges of the superior courts of Westminster as were able to attend, for the consideration of questions of law reserved by any judge in a court of oyer and terminer, gaol delivery, or quarter sessions, bsfore which a prisoner had been found guilty by verdict. Such question is stated in the form of a speciui case. Mozley & White-ley; 4 Steph. Comm. 442. COURT FOR DIVORCE AND MATRIMONIAL CAUSES. This court was established by St. 20 & 21 Viet. c. 85, which transferred to it nil jurisdiction then exercisable by any ecclesiastical court in England, in matters matrimoniui, and also gave it new powers. The court consisted of the lord chancellor, the three chiefs, and three senior puisne judges of the common-law courts, and the judge ordinary, who together constituted, and still constitute, the "full court." The judge ordinary heard almost all matters in the first instance. By the judicature act, 1873, § 3, the jurisdiction of the court was transferred to the supreme court of judicature, Sweet.