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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In construing a policy of life insurance, it ls generally true that, before any temporary ailment can be called a "disease," it must be such as to indicate a Vice in the constitution or be so serious as to have some bearing upon general health and the continuance of life or such as, according to common understanding, would be called a "disease," Cushman v. Insurance Co., 70 N. Y. 77; Insurance Co. v. Yung, 113 Ind. 159, 15 N. E. 220, 3 Am. St Rep. 630; Insurance Co. v. Simpson, 88 Tex. 333, 31 S. W. 501, 28 L. R. A. 765, 53 Am. St Rep. 757; Delaney v. Modern Ace, Club, 121 Iowa, 528, 97 N. W. 91, 63 L. It. A. 603.