Definitions from Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition and Ballentine's Law Dictionary as are available for each term in each dictionary.
  • Ballentine's Law Dictionary

    (Scotch) An insolvent who had assigned for the benefit of his creditors.

  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In Scotch law. A bankrupt.
    —Dyvour's habit. In Scotch law. A habit which debtors who are set free on a cessio bonorum are obliged to wear, unless in the summons and process of cessio it be libeled, contained, and proved that the bankruptcy proceeds from misfortune. And bankrupts are condemned to submit to the habit, even where no suspicion of fraud lies against them, if they have been .dealers in an illicit trade. Ersk. Prin. 4, 3, 13.