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  • Black's Law Dictionary: 2nd Edition

    In medicine. That system followed by physicians who select their modes of practice and medicines from various schools. Webster. "Without professing to understand much of medicai phraseology, we suppose that the terms 'allopathic practice' and 'legitimate business' mean the pniinary method commonly adopted by the great body of learned and eminent physicians, which is taught in their institutions, established by their highest authorities, and accepted by the larger and more respectable portion of the community. By 'eclectic practice,' without imputing to it, as the counsel for the plaintiff seem inclined to, an odor of illegality, we presume is intended another and different system, unusual and eccentric, not countenanced by the classes before referred to, but characterized by them as spurious and denounced as dangerous. It is sufficient to say that the two modes of treating human maladies are essentially distinct, and based upon different views of the nature and causes of diseases, their appropriate remedies, and the modes of applying them." Bradbury v. Bardin. 34 Conn. 453.